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Spinfield Parent’ Association

Spinfield School Parents' Association


Welcome to Spinfield Parents' Association, all our parents are automatically members of the Parents' Association. Led by the Committee, they support the activities of the school both by fundraising and by 'helping out' in many different ways. This results in a very strong community spirit centred around the school. There are no subscriptions and no obligations. It is also a great chance to meet other parents and make new friends!   All money raised goes directly to benefit the children's education.


What does the PA do?

The PA is actively involved in a range of activities throughout the school year. It works in partnership with the staff and governors helping to enrich the children's learning and their environment.  Funds are raised with many events throughout the year. Key fund-raisers are:- Spooky Disco, Christmas Fair,  Spring Ball, Camp night, Summer Fair.  Other events and activities are organised regularly during the year; these are just a few:- Spooky disco, cake sales, the design and sale of Christmas cards - Sale of Christmas wrapping paper- Easter Egg Hunt.  In addition the PA support the staff in the wider educational experiences that they give the children. Parents help at the Christmas parties, distribute the Harvest Festival baskets to elderly people, provide drinks for all the children and parents on sports day and many other things to help events run smoothly and successfully.


Who Organises all these Activities?


A group of volunteers forms the PA Committee, usually 10-15 people.  They co-ordinate the organisation of all the events as well as coming up with new fund-raising ideas.  The Annual General Meeting is held once a year, usually in September, when the committee is formed and key jobs are allocated, i.e. Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. The most time any person can serve on the committee is three years, so each year new parents are needed to replace those who have moved on, the more the merrier, as many hands make light work! 

Letters and emails are regularly sent out keeping parents up to date with activities and events, to enable everyone to join in, help out and have fun whilst supporting a wonderful cause!



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Our memory tree is a wonderful addition to our Eco pod, which will be a lasting memory of the many generous donations which were given to support this fantastic fundraiser.