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Phonics and Reading



Spinfield School Reading Scheme

They way in which our books are organised will give the children a chance to read a range of books.  We use a version of the universal ‘book banding’ system which means that we have selected books from a range of reading schemes which will all be of a similar level within the same book band.  The children will work through each book band starting on an appropriate level for them.  The band process is as follows: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, turquoise, purple, gold, white/silver and lime as well as some extended levels for able readers.

Our books are kept in a central area with one box per colour band which incorporates a range of different schemes.  The children will select their own books from the relevant colour book under supervision and guidance from a teaching assistant.  This means the children will have responsibility and ownership of their learning by selecting books which interest and excite them. 


All the children will be assessed at the start of the academic year and a book band will be selected for them.  We ask that you give this level a couple of weeks and then feedback to us if there are any problems with the books that are coming home.  Within the book bands and across the range of schemes there will be small variations in the levels of the books.  We want the books to be challenging to the children in order for them to learn and make progress but equally a slightly easier book is an excellent way to consolidate and boost confidence in young readers.  Again, if a problem persists please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.  We will regularly monitor and review the book band that your child is working on and amend as necessary.


We firmly believe that a strong partnership between home and school in regards to reading is key and we appreciate your ongoing support and feedback regarding your child’s reading.  When you receive a new book please could you assist us by writing the date and title in your child’s reading record book.  Please also continue to sign and comment in your child’s reading record after each book.  Questions can also be written in the record book and a member of staff will respond to you as soon as they can.

Early Years/Key Stage 1

We use the synthetic phonics scheme, Letters and Sounds, to teach children the skills to become enthusiastic, fluent and confident readers and writers. Across Early Years and Key Stage 1 the children are taught at a dedicated time and in small, similar ability groups with the children being regularly assessed to ensure that we are best meeting their needs.

Letters and Sounds promotes the teaching of phonics through a structured and uniform approach with the children participating 100% in the learning process.

The scheme ensures that the children are taught the sounds and corresponding graphemes needed to be successful for reading and writing. The children apply their learning of new sounds to read and write both real and nonsense words, in preparation for the Phonics Screening Test in Year 1.

Thank you for your support and we hope these new and exciting changes will enhance your child’s home reading experience.