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Home Learning Statement

Home Learning is twofold; the school provides regular, weekly tasks for the children to complete at home.  These are set by your child’s class teacher as part of our homework policy.  The school has also had to develop a Remote Learning policy to ensure the ongoing education of Spinfield School pupils under unusual circumstances. These circumstances could include, closures that could happen at any time due to school closure from illness, epidemic, extreme weather, power-loss, etc. There may also be situations in which the ongoing education of pupils who cannot be in school but are able to continue with their education when the school remains fully open needs to be considered. Please see the following policies for more information:

In exceptional circumstances agreed with the headteacher, when a child is unable to attend school, home learning tasks will be set.  f you do not have internet access at home or you do not have a device for your child to work on, please contact the school.


If your child is not well enough to attend school  they will not be provided with home learning tasks.


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