Our Link Schools in Rawalpindi, Nepal and India

A message from Nepal

Hello ,Susan Armstrong 


we are  thinking about you and our students are asking about your students.We have just celebrated Holi 15 days ago a festival of colour.

Our students take part in the cultural program in the society.

A good news about our school is that we won 200£ as a grant to work for a Social Action Project.It is given to us by British Council.Me and my two students are in kathmandu for 5 days to attend the 3 days workshop.Kathman is 650 kilometre far from our town.We travel on bus and it takes 16 to 18 hours.My two students who are with me are first time in Kathmandu and experienced such a long trip.


Today we are going back.

Our ISA coordinator Binod wrote me that an another parcel from your school arrived to our school.Thank you very much.It is great.Our students are learning about the the world.We aspect continuous collaboration with you.So it is my request to you to be a partner school.We want to learn from you.


We are going to work on Social Action project soon which we have submitted in Brtish Council.It is about garbage management around school area.We will work with the community.

Do you have this types of experience to share with us.

Best Regards

Balraj Bhat

Mikey Medium English School

Eco Project in Nepal


Today we weighed the garbage collected by our students around our school.It was 35 kg recyclable 15 kg compost and we disposed 7 kg.

Our students sold recyclable garbage and it cost 485 rupees.

Our work attract the local people's attention.Our local educational resource person(government official ) impressed and he shared our news in his facebook page and he suggested other school to do similar project.He thanked you and your students.I have shared his post in my facebook.

Here are some pictures.

Thank you very much.

My best wishes to you and your school family.

Balraj Bhat,
Director,MMES,Bauniya kailali,Nepal