“I love all of the opportunities that we get at Spinfield because we can push ourselves to try harder and do better.”

“I think that the support from the teachers is amazing because they are there when you need it.”

“I think the technology here is great because it allows us to learn about online safety and understand how to work the devices.”

“I like reading groups because it helps you read and helps you learn.”

“I like maths because we can use the I pads and Purple Mash to help us learn.”

“ I think Forest School is good because you get fresh air and exercise.”

“I like Forest School because we get fresh air and we can make things.”

“I like it when we sell things because we raise money for people.”

“I like sports day because it gives you exercise.”

“I like the sports competitions because it makes us have a competitive drive and maintains fitness.”

“I like the sports facilities because they help me get fit.”

“I think that the fairs that the Parents’ Association organise are really good because you get to run around!”

“I love the Spooky Disco because I get to play lots of games!”